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I want to say congrats to all that were nominated, and to the winners. I am sorry that it has taken so long for the winners to be posted, but alas, wait no more. Winners and Banners are beneath the cut.

Best Crack Fic - DEAN, SEX GOD (SGA/Supernatural) by keraha

Best Author - amejisuto

Best Angst - When You Wake Up Tomorrow (CSI) by mstatertot

Best AU (Alternate Universe) - Shadows Of The Past by lit_gal

Best Characterization - Spike - One Thing Better Than Ice Cream by eyezrthewindows

Best Comedy - The BatXan ficlets by suki_blue

Best Crossover - Shadows of the Past by lit_gal

best Crossover Pairing - Respite (Supernatural/Buffyverse) by goddessleila

Best Drama - Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose (SG1) by synecdochic

Best Ep rewrite - Five Kisses That Went Unobserved By Those Trained To Observe (CSI) by [info]sullyvann

Best Fanfic website - Bloodclaim Spike/Xander Slash

Best Fluff - The Sock by Suki_blue

Best NC17 - Generously Spiced - by Salmon_Pink

Best Oc Pairing - Blueraccoon - Variables (NCIS)

Best Pairing (Conventional) - Moments (veronica Mars) by Synful_trixx

Best Pairing (Unconventional) - As if we should forget we have no hands by Tabaqui

Best Plot - Teenage Dirtbag by suki_blue

Best Ficlet - Long Distance Support Group for Sidetracked Shaman by lit_gal

Best Romance - Love Will Tie the Slipknot (TWW) by intl_princess

Best Series - The Guidelines series by lit_gal

Best Slash - As if we should forget we have no hands by tabaqui

Best Work In Progress - Closer Than Brothers (Supernatural) by darkhavens

Congratulations to everyone! Also remember to nominate this round as well. Thanks
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