Cala Jane (cala_jane) wrote in ulttvfictest,
Cala Jane

April Nominations Post

I am terribly sorry it's so late.

Here you can nominate fics in the next round.
Remember Fics (or in case of multi-chapter stories: The Last Chapter) cannot be older than three months.

You can nominate in following categories:

April Special Category:

All Time Favourite (This is the only category this round where you can nominate all fics EVER written. Doesn't matter when it was written or posted. You love it? Nominate!)

Main Categories:

Best Author
Best New Author
Best Angst
Best AU (Alternate Universe)
* All human or parallel universe, NOT simply UC Pairings (het or slash)
or saying so-and-so never showed up/left/died, or re-writing an episode.
Best Characterization
Best Comedy
Best Crossover
Best Crossover Pairing
Best Drama
Best Episode Re-write
Best Fanfic Website
Best Fluff
Best NC-17
Best Original Character
Best Original Character Pairing
Best Pairing (Conventional)
* Pairing shown on show
Best Pairing (Unconventional)
* Pairing not shown on show
Best Plot
Best ficlett
Best Romance
Best Series
* Several stories that are connected, NOT a multi-chapter story.
Best Slash
Best Song Fic
Best Work in Progress
Best Graphic associated with a fic

>> Nominating period lasts till the end of the month.
>> You can nominate as many fics in as many categories, as you like.
>> You can nominate the same fic in few categories.
>> You are always allowed to pimp *g*
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