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Sorry the Vote is late

- Don't vote for yourself
- Don't vote more than once
- please read each selection before voting (you have a month to do so)
-Voting ends April 30th

March Special Categories:

BEST Action/Adventure:

BEST Crack Fic:
DEAN, SEX GOD (SGA/Supernatural) by keraha

Main Categories:
BEST Author:

BEST New Author:


BEST Angst:
Anger Management (NCIS) by blueraccoon
When You Wake Up Tomorrow (CSI) by mstatertot

BEST AU (Alternate Universe):
Myths and Revelations (NCIS) by crimsonquills
Shadows Of The Past by lit_gal

BEST Characterization:
Spike - One Thing Better Than Ice Cream by eyezrthewindows
(BSG) Ten Times Lee Adama Belongs To Her by daphnaea

BEST Comedy:
The BatXan ficlets by suki_blue

BEST Crossover:
The Art of Eating Well During an Apocalypse (BSG/Kitchen Confidential) by hackthis
Shadows of the Past by lit_gal

BEST Crossover Pairing:
Respite (Supernatural/Buffyverse) by sorrelchestnut

BEST Drama:
Release Me (CSI) by exposed1
Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose (SG1) by synecdochic

BEST Episode Re-write:
Five Kisses That Went Unobserved By Those Trained To Observe (CSI) by sullyvann

BEST Fanfic Website:
NCIS Fanfiction Archive
Bloodclaim Spike/Xander Slash

BEST Fluff:
The Great Thing About Snow (CSI) by sullyvann
The Sock by suki_blue

Generously Spiced by salmon_pink

BEST Original Character:
None at the moment

BEST Original Character Pairing:
Variables (NCIS) by blueraccoon

BEST Pairing (Conventional):
Moments (Veronica Mars) by synful_trixxie

BEST Pairing (Unconventional):
Closets (BtVS) by tesla321
Scars (NCIS) by brightillusions
As If We Should Forget We Have No Hands (Spike and Xander) by tabaqui
These Old Anchors by atlashrugged

BEST Plot:
Stupid Bar Tricks (CSI: NY) by stellaluna_
Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose (SG1) by synecdochic
Teenage Dirtbag by suki_blue
Gas Food Lodging by stellaluna_

BEST ficlet:
Long Distance Support Group for Sidetracked Shaman by lit_gal
The Gallows Used to Clank (BSG) by atlashrugged
Morning Light by mstatertot

BEST Romance: Love Will Tie the Slipknot (TWW) by intl_princess
BEST Series:
Centaurs' Verse: Myths&Revelations and The New York Connection (NCIS, CSI: NY/Numb3rs) by crimsonquills
The Guidelines series first three books Latest installment by lit_gal

BEST Slash:
Some place like the Caribbean (Veronica Mars) by litzie
As if we should forget we have no hands by tabaqui

BEST Song Fic:

BEST Work in Progress:
Closer Than Brothers (Supernatural) by darkhavens *unfinished at the time of nomination, now completed

BEST Graphic associated with a fic:

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Best Author

Best Angst

Best AU (Alternate Universe)

Best Characterization

Best Comedy

Best Crossover

Best Crossover Pairing

Best Drama

Best Episode Re-Write

Best Fanfic Website

Best Fluff

Best NC-17

Best Original Character Pairing

Best Pairing (Conventional)

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Best Pairing (Unconventional)

Best Plot

Best Ficlet

Best Romance

Best Series

Best Slash

Best Work in Progress

Voting ends April 30th
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